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Remove all Stains Using Our New High-Capacity Washers

Are you afraid your ketchup or grass stain is going to stick on your favorite shirt forever?

You won't have that problem when you use the newest Maytag and Electrolux washers.

Use Quaker Cleaners Laundry LLC's 62 lb. load, 45 lb. load, 30 lb. load and 6 crossover machines to wash your clothes.  

Reasonably priced and quick laundromat services

  • Self-service laundromat

  • Washers and dryers on-site

  • No rugs with rubber backing in washers or dryers

Use a clean laundromat to do your laundry

Some laundromats can be filthier than your dirty laundry. You shouldn't have to worry about cleanliness at a facility that is meant for cleaning. Do your laundry in our clean laundromat. We pride ourselves in offering you a clean and friendly atmosphere to do your laundry.

An attendant is always available

You won't have to worry about finding someone who can fix a problem with the washer or dryer. An attendant is on site most of the time but can be reached by phone when offsite.

Call us now for affordable laundromat services.


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